HOA Reviews Commercial Pool Service Alpharetta GA

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In this video customer review, Michael Pack, the HOA association president of Shiloh Creek subdivision in Forsyth County near Alpharetta, Georgia states that RezCom has been their commercial pool service for ten years. Over that period of time RezCom has not only performed regular maintenance but they have also completely renovated the community pool.

The HOA chief further states that when the community pool suffered vandalism last year, he again turned to RezCom Pool Service owner James Anderson, who had a heavy gauge steel security gate fabricated and installed with a personalized electronic card access system.

“James installed the keyless entry system. It’s enabled and disabled through us, the Board. We can control folks’ access or deactivate their card based on nonpayment of dues or any other issues we feel is necessary. It’s been very effective, and then later on this year we went one step further and installed security cameras and they’re strategically placed so that we have full visibility of folks arriving and departing the pool, even the perimeter of the pool as well. We have had a great reduction of any vandalism. We did have one case where we were able to identify the subjects that were committing vandalism and trespassing and that enabled us to press charges if we so need to in the future. Everyone in the community now is aware of this, and they are very supportive, and I anticipate no more problems. Thank you, Rezcom, appreciate it.”

Serving Alpharetta Georgia and all points north, RezCom has been in business over 33 years and provides both residential and commercial pool service, repair and renovation; and is the local certified warranty officer for all popular pool equipment manufacturers. Learn more about RezCom at: http://www.poolservicepros.biz/