Johns Creek GA Customer Reviews Local Pool Service

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Edie Makarewicz, a homeowner in the Johns Creek, GA area presents a video review for RezCom Pool Service.

The homeowner states that she has used RezCom pool service with great results for over six months. Having used the same swimming pool maintenance company for the previous five years, the homeowner explains that on a cold January morning a pipe burst forcing her pool fill valve to become stuck in the on position and subsequently her pool water began overflowing through her property and down to the street. Because her pool service failed to return her emergency call for help, the homeowner was forced to try and locate a shut-off valve on her own! Fortunately, James Anderson owner of RezCom, was driving past the house, noticed the homeowner frantically searching for something in her yard and stopped to offer his assistance.

"James was my savior that day!" The homeowner's existing pool company took two full days to return her call, by which time she had already decided to switch to RezCom for all of her pool service needs and has been pleased ever since.

"James has come to my rescue on a few other pool maintenance issues that I have had, and when I call him, within a couple of hours he is here to service the pool. So I can highly recommend him; I have been pleased with the service and professionalism that he has provided."

RezCom has been in business 33 years and is a certified warranty officer for all major swimming pool equipment manufacturers. RezCom provides free estimates on professional residential and commercial pool equipment repair and replacement, complete in-ground swimming pool renovation services as well as regular weekly cleaning service.