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Reputation Marketing is new and gives you an edge on the competition. We make sure that potential customers see your positive reviews first on Google!

Referral marketing is private, 1 on 1 and finite. Referrals also go online to check your reputation and reviews.

Review Marketing and Reputation Marketing are both public…bringing thousands of new views perpetually. An online review is a PUBLIC referral that will reach thousands of your potential customers every day! See some of our 5 star reviews here:

Reverse SEO can be used to suppress negative reviews and publicity that targets your company in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By pushing bad reviews and press onto the second, third, and fourth pages of Google, those pages will be prevented from gaining attention or visibility to your brand. It's important to realize the potentially devastating effects of negative press and reviews will have on your business and how reverse SEO can help you manage your company's Online Reputation Management and overall branding in the digital world including search engines and social media.

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Online Reputation Marketing Services – Growing 5 Star Online Reviews to Market Your Local Business

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Online Reputation Marketing Services Reputation marketing is marketing your 5 star online reviews. Call 888-792-0104 To dominate your local market, you must have five star reviews online. Reputation marketing NOT reputation management is the only way to achieve this goal.

Recent online marketing studies have shown that 92% of local consumers checked online review sites for local business reviews and online reputation. Your online reputation is the second most important factor, soon to be number one only behind a personal friend or family referral.

Online reputation marketing is the single most important advertising or promotion for both large and small business owners. The other marketing services such as social media marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, Google Plus Local, local search, Yelp reviews, search engine marketing do nothing for marketing your online reputation. They certainly don’t increase your 5 star reviews.

If you don’t market your business online and promote those hard earned five star reviews, your competitors are going to take your customers. is the cutting edge of online marketing for business with our patent pending process marketing your online business reputation.

Reputation management companies are a dime a dozen and don’t have a clue about helping you grow your local business and dominating your market. By definition reputation management indicates you have a problem or why would you be trying manage it. Reputation marketing on the other hand doesn’t concern itself with reputation management because by marketing your online reputation, you won’t have to worry about how to get rid of bad reviews. Why?? Because by properly marketing and leveraging the five star reviews our reputation company helps you generate, you won’t have bad reviews that need to be managed.

If you are currently using any kind of reputation management services do they provide you with:

Total staff education training and testing

Your own media center for reputation marketing

Increasing your number of 5 star reviews

Monitoring all top online reviews sites

Marketing your reviews on Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus, Twitter, Yelp and Pinterest does all this and much more. As online reputation marketing experts, we have the knowledge, skill and experience that will allow you to grow your business to the next level.

Would it surprise you to know that even a 1/2 star difference in your online reviews could cut your business by 19%? Think about it this way, when you look at reviews you going to choose the five star reviews or the 4 1/2 star reviews? If you need to clean up your internet reputation we suggest that you subscribe to our Youtube Channel: TeamDigitalMarketing, where we provide tips and advice on growing your five star reputation with our state of the art reputation marketing strategies.

Come by or call us 888-792-0104 We will provide you with a free reputation marketing report so you know exactly where you stand.

We provide custom online reputation marketing strategies for each client.

If you are a professional such as a Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer or local business and truly are ready to dominate and control your local market, Team Digital Marketing is your only choice. Call us today at 888-792-0104 or stop by our website at to partner with the best online reputation marketing company and attain the five star reputation you deserve.